When it comes to choosing your FPL team at the beginning of the season logic often flies out of the window. As we get caught up in the excitement of a post World Cup pre-season we sometimes forget everything we have learned about FPL and the facts that we know to be true.

This year we have the added complication of the real transfer deadline day happening the day before the Fantasy Premier League transfer deadine day – so to bring some clarity to our muddied minds we have 5 tips to help us start the season on a positive.

1. Pre-Season Counts For Little

Daniel Sturridge has been scoring goals, Crystal Palace hit 4 past Toulouse and Arsenal scored 17 goals in their first two friendly games of pre-season… so what!

It means nothing!

We all do it every season – we see a few pre-season results and get over excited about a young player at a top club or over a former great showing he still has what it takes… we are wrong!

Generally, pre-season is all about match fitness and the only thing to read in to these games is whether your players have played in them – and we mean players that are likely to start, not the 15 year old wonder kid.

2. World Cup Form Doesn’t Mean Premier League Success

Don’t get over excited by the world cup form of a player. Of course, it can help provide some pointers to a player we have not seen before in the Premier League (such as Alireza Jahanbakhsh at Brighton) but it is also a very different game to that of the Premier League.

John Stones scored a few and played every game for England at the World Cup but that doesn’t mean he be scoring one a month and playing every game for City – leave your World Cup bias with your beliefs that England could have won the World Cup this year.

3. Minimise Differentials Early On

Whilst it is good to deviate to some extent from last season’s template, you don’t necessarily want to play too many differentials early on in the season. Mo Salah is rightly the most expensive player in the game as he was 70+ points ahead of his nearest rival in terms of points scored last season.

You might think that £13m is too much to pay out but if you build your team around Salah with solid midfielders and at least one top striker then you will be up there in your mini league come the end of August. No one wants be chasing the pack at the end of month one and this looks like a season for early wildcards so don’t be too concerned about the differentials at this stage.

4. Look For Value In The Tried And Tested

You will need to opt for a host of cheaper players in your team but don’t go and fill up with Cardiff defenders just because they are the cheapest. There are good value players that performed well last season and will hopefully do so again. Defenders at the likes of Huddersfield and Brighton are perfect examples of these and can still be picked up for £4.5m-ish.

5.  Choose Players With FPL Form

It may seem like we are repeating this statement over and over – but this cannot be overstated… you need players in your team that have FPL form in previous years and more than that you need players who had it consistently last season.

Choosing newly transferred players might seem exiting and certainly has potential, but don’t choose more than one or two of these as it takes players time to adapt to their new team and more importantly this tough league.

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