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A Message From David Brent

If you know who David Brent is then you are in for a treat today… I am going to share with you a video that the man famous for ‘The Office’ sent over to me at the end of last season. It’s pretty special. Before I tell you how to view it though, I wanted to share with you the 25% discount code for Fantasy Football Edge membership. It already includes great video content and will also have our top captain picks tomorrow for GW1. To save 25% on all our memberships simply use the code 25off when you sign...

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Game Week 18 Video Podcast

We thought we’d try something different this week as it was difficult getting everyone together after the midweek games. Let us know your thoughts. Do you prefer the video? Do you prefer the audio podcast or do you like having a bit of both?...

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GW10 Wildcard Picks

GW10 Wildcard Picks A new feature that we are considering bringing weekly is the wildcard picks which is designed for anyone considering a wildcard team for that week. If you like the video and would like to see more of them then please let us know in the comments below. If you hate it or think it is terrible, likewise please let us know. We are committed to bringing you the best FPL content so if you have any other ideas for video or podcast suggestions we’d love to hear them. For now…...

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Game Week 10 Podcast

Fantasy Football Edge Podcast – Game Week 10 The boys are back as Mills, JP and Quigliano take to the airwaves to bring you their latest round of tips for Fantasy Premier League. There is much to discuss after a long time away and they get straight in to it as well as bringing back some of the old features such as the ‘Gary of the Week’ (the guaranteed top performer), and the Xabi Alonso (the long-shot of the week). If you like listening to three blokes witter on with the occasional tip then this podcast is for you....

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