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FPL GW2 Differentials

With one week under our belts it is still very early days in this Fantasy Premier League season and as we prepare for game week 2 we are looking to those differentials as everyone looks to lump on those one week wonders or those players who started at a blistering pace. We have already seen some early price rises this week but there are plenty of low ownership players left who have plenty of potential for GW2 and beyond. This members only article highlights 3 players that warrant serious consideration for inclusion in your team. If you are not...

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Game Week 2 Tips

Following an explosive opening game week for many FPL managers, those that weren’t so lucky are already looking to make tweaks to their sides ahead of game week 2. Even those managers that scored big will have eyed up opportunities to strengthen with some bargains to be had ahead of the second week of the season. These game week 2 tips will be of benefit however you faired last weekend and we will also be pinpointing some of the highlights from the opening weekend. GW1 Eye Catchers There were a number of players who quite simply sparkled at the...

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Game Week 1 Captain Picks

No one wants to lose ground at the end of game week 1 and the biggest killer for any FPL team is choosing a bad captain. In my time playing Fantasy Premier League I’ve seen some pretty bad captain picks (not least the time someone in my mini-league triple captained Aguero in a game where he missed a penalty) and it is crucial that you start the season strongly in this respect. With so many unknown quantities flying around ahead of GW1 our key advice is to stick to a player who is guaranteed to start and has strong...

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Best FPL Bargains

They say the best things in life are free. That may be true in the real world but in the world of Fantasy Premier League you don’t get anything for free and generally you don’t get much for cheap. In this members article we take a look at five FPL bargains ahead of the new season opener tonight. To view the content below please make sure you login. The content you are trying to access is only available to members....

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A Message From David Brent

If you know who David Brent is then you are in for a treat today… I am going to share with you a video that the man famous for ‘The Office’ sent over to me at the end of last season. It’s pretty special. Before I tell you how to view it though, I wanted to share with you the 25% discount code for Fantasy Football Edge membership. It already includes great video content and will also have our top captain picks tomorrow for GW1. To save 25% on all our memberships simply use the code 25off when you sign...

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