GW10: Harry Kane, Coutinho and the Others on Injury Watch

We weren’t planning on releasing an injury watch article this week but as news broke on Friday around injuries to Philippe Coutinho at Liverpool and Harry Kane at Spurs, the majority of the FPL community were left scrambling to figure out how to cover the gaps in a week that will impact at least 40% of managers in the game.

We hadn’t tipped Harry Kane this week as either a captain pick or just a general pick but that doesn’t mean we won’t be missing him. What will be misery for most will undoubtedly mean glee for the few managers in your mini-league who don’t have the England star and the real question is how long will he be out and should you keep Kane in your team and take the hit. It has unfortunately coincided with a groin strain for Coutinho, meaning those who have both will have felt a nasty double blow.

Should I Transfer Harry Kane?

This is the big question on most people’s lips and it will really depend on two things… how long we think Kane will be out and secondly how much you bought him for. Other factors like whether you have transfers free or should take the free hit are secondary.

If we look at the facts first.
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It seems like Kane picked up the injury in the Liverpool game and Pochettino has already stated that it is a ‘minor left hamstring strain’ and that he could feature against Real Madrid in midweek. For this reason alone we feel that unless you have very recently bought Kane in that you should keep him until at least the end of the next week when we should have a better idea of whether he will be fit for game week 11.

Ben Dinnery (our most trusted FPL injury analyst) on Twitter has also stated that he will be assessed in midweek for next week and that at this stage he is 50-50.

If you bought Kane at his current price of £12.7m then it is justifiable to sub him out for this game week. The brilliance is that you can bring anyone else in but whatever you do, don’t go and blow that budget elsewhere as it will just mean you are taking unnecessary minus points hits next week to bring him back. Lacazette at Arsenal is probably the top replacement as a one week transfer but not such a good shout over the next 4 weeks or so due to their fixtures.

Our instinct is to suggest sticking with Kane – although make no mistake – he will not play against Manchester United – and then use the transfer elsewhere if you haven’t already.

A Word on Coutinho

The Coutinho situation is pretty similar. Champions League next week and a relatively minor injury, however his groin strain is likely to keep him out of the next week’s games including the GW11 trip to West Ham.

For us, if you have both players then Coutinho is the one to dump, possibly for the similarly priced Eriksen at Spurs or a host of other options – we have selected three in our midfielder GW 10 transfers here.

Whatever you do, be sure to check in with ‘The Last Word’ on Saturday morning.