Game Week 11 Round-Up (and how to navigate the international break)

Well we did say it. Kane had blanked in 3 similar home fixtures to the Palace game and that is now 4 – casting serious doubts over his captain credentials and certainly forcing the hand of all those who say you have to captain Kane! Disappointments on that front aside, game week 11 gave us much of what we expected with goals for Aguero, Jesus, Richarlison and Salah as well as clean sheets for Brighton, Huddersfield and Spurs.

We had our goal fest at the Etihad and a low scoring affair at the Bridge and a to cap the weekend off we had a sacking at West Ham. The unlikely story of the weekend was the magnificent Everton comeback from two goals behind which could spark some interest in their players in the transfer market.

Otamendi has picked up a suspension for a fifth yellow of the season which has ignited mass transfers out for the City player (yes… already) and Salah’s majestic performance at the Olympic Stadium has led to mass transfers in for him. It looks like most have made the straight swap from Otamendi to Phil Jones at United but making a swift move on that front could prove costly if there are any injuries during this two game window.

The yellow flag against Harry Kane’s name is precautionary and may mean he will be protected during the international friendlies and he is expected to be fit in time for the trip to the Emirates next on the 18th of this month.

With some tasty looking fixtures in game week 12 how you navigate the transfer window will prove key to your success and early movers in the market often get stung and end up incurring minus points. With just three weeks remaining in the month, you should be looking to keep those negative points to a minimum so we advise no action at least until the second round of international fixtures have been played.

Expect to see some players in competitive action as the World Cup Play-offs get underway whilst some of your less experienced internationals might get more game time as qualified nations look to test out their peripheral squad players.

If you are desperate to make that early transfer then our initial thoughts are leading towards the following players (but again, we advise you to wait rather than act early):

GW12 Goalkeepers: DDG, Ryan, Mignolet

GW12 Defenders: Phil Jones, Lewis Dunk, Moreno, Azpilicueta

GW12 Midfielders: Sterling, Fellaini, Richarlison, Salah

GW12 Strikers: Aguero, Firmino, Rashford, Morata

We will have much more to come ahead of gameweek 12 so be sure to check back regularly. The podcast will be recorded on Monday 13th November so be sure to get your questions in for then.