We are finally back from our extended end of season/pre-season break and we cannot wait for the new Premier League season to kick off on Friday evening as Manchester United take on Leicester City.

We are going to be mixing things up a little this season with a whole new approach that we think you will love.

First up is the new Fantasy Football Edge League – go to your FPL account and use the code 198773-617781 to join – if you have been part of our league before then you should automatically be re-entered. With a prize of £100 plus lifetime membership to our website you’d be mad not to enter – and yes it’s free to enter!

You can also join the league by simply clicking here.

We are going to have a shed load of pre-season tips going out this week so be sure to check back daily – and if that wasn’t enough we are also giving 25% off all memberships when you sign up before the beginning of game week 2. Simply use the code 25off when you sign up for your discount here.

There is going to be a brand new look podcast for the 2018/19 season as well as some brand new features that we will be revealing later this week… so again, be sure to check back and sign up before the GW2 discount deadline passes.